Are You Feeling OVERWHELMED By The Clutter In Your Home Or Business?
Get Your Home Or Business ORGANIZED By Organized & Done, LLC

Organized & Done. LLC

Organized & Done is a professional organizing company that specializes in transforming cluttered interiors into functional and beautiful spaces. 

Want to make parking inside your garage a possibility again? Maybe you have a closet just begging to be cleaned out?

No matter the assignment, we take pride in making your life a little neater!

Why us?

We listen to our client’s concerns and provide a customized solution. It’s not just about tidying up; we create a system that works for the individual long term.  

With our 4 step Happy Spaces Happy Faces signature method we 

Assess and learn how you use your space. 

Clear it out, categories, rehome or donate.

Personalize to your use with placement and storage solutions.

Label and celebrate your new space!

Our Process

Call us at 904-417-8386


 Let us know as much as possible about your project and send us photos if you have any.

Once we are hired, we begin our process accessing the space, and measuring then we begin decluttering and categorizing.  We work closely with you to relocate, purge, or donate any items that you do not want in the space.  We don’t force you to get rid of anything.  Whatever items you wish to keep, we will find an appropriate home for.

By understanding what works best for you and your family, we create a customized organizational system and provided product recommendations that will work best for your needs and space.

Once the products arrive or if the client wants to use containers, they already own, we will begin organizing the space. 

Lastly, final touches, labels, and a sigh of relief! You are now Organized & Done!