About us

Hello friends, my name is Jennefer Flood; I was born and raised in New York and relocated in 2021 with my family to Florida.  I was a Paralegal for 15 years, and one day, I finally woke up and decided to follow my passion for organizing.  I’ve been organizing my entire life without even realizing it.  As a child, I stored my books alphabetically and my barbie shoes in color order.  When I became a mom, I would organize my children’s playroom weekly and create different play zones for them.  In my 15-year Paralegal career, I managed and kept track of every case from the beginning to its resolution. Organizing the case electronically and in paper form.  Preparing and organizing motions and all the exhibits and distribution of same to all law firms and parties involved.

I love helping others make their life stress-free by creating systems that will work long-term.  I like to see my clients sigh with relief when a project has been completed and they no longer must worry about it.  In my spare time, I spend it with my husband, my three children, and my close friends.  We love trying different restaurants, going to the beach, and watching a good hockey game.  When I’m not spending time with my family and friends, I enjoy repurposing furniture, decorating, and organizing my home.


Advanced International Organizing Professional